The Comical Side of California’s Cannabis

Sometimes life gives you lemons; other times, it’s the Golden State offering you Canna-Gold! Cannabis. Just the word creates a kaleidoscope of thoughts: good, bad, and even comical. But here at Cannabis 21 Plus, we prefer to stay on the humorous side because we believe life’s better when you’re laughing, especially in sunny California.

Does my cannabis plant need a tan?

No, they can’t work on their tan like us Californians do, but just like us, they enjoy a good dose of sunshine. However, unlike us, they won’t be turning red and cursing the day if they soak up too much! These green beauties love basking in the glorious sun.

A Puff to Lift – Elevate with Cannabis!

Have you ever wondered why some cannabis strains are called “lifters”? It’s not because you have to lift your jaw off the floor after using it. It intends to elevate your spirits and lighten your mood. So next time life throws a curveball, remember – puff a lift, don’t take a hit!